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Lola Bows

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved a good accessory; handbags, jewellery, scarfs, hair bands or hair clips, you name it… I love it. I also love all things girly. If it’s pink and sparkly, quite frankly you’re better off just handing it over to me before someone gets hurt. Really, I might be somewhat a little obsessed.

I remember years ago, I had this leopard print, faux silk bow set on an Alice band that I absolutely adored. No I’m not talking about when I was 5 or 6… This was probably only 5 or so years back. The first one I had got lost on a drunken night out and I managed to get myself a second (thank you River Island) but unfortunately that disappeared too.

Hellooooo super old, cringey photo… But look at the size of it! It was beaut. Anyway, long story short. I never found a replacement for my bow and I really was somewhat distraught (seriously).

Enter Lola Bows. An handmade accessory business specialising in, you guessed it, bows!

Established in early 2017, Lola Bows began as nothing more than an idea and a love of crafting and quality products. Designed for girls of all ages there’s something for everyone. From baby bows set on delicate nylon headbands to larger bows set on barrette style clips. Bespoke orders are also available for those extra special occasions.

Products are designed using 100% wool felt and high quality non-shed glitter fabrics. From girly pinks to striking royal blues and reds, there are colours and shades to suit all tastes.

Lola Bows Lola Bows Lola Bows

Recently launched are their elastic hair ties. These are a particular love of mine as they are gentle on your hair and they also look great being worn as bracelets!

Lola Bows Lola BowsLola Bows

You can find these gorgeous bows, hair ties, and many more on their Etsy store and if you use discount code LIPSTICK15 you can get 15% off your order when you spend £10 or more – If you needed an excuse to get some gorgeous bows this would be it!

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Oh and did I mention that Lola Bows was created by little old me? No seriously, it’s true. Sat on my living room floor surrounded by wool and glitter fabrics, I find myself most nights making bows and hair ties until silly o’clock in the morning!

Do you love gorgeous hair accessories like me? If you purchase any Lola Bows let me know! I’d love to see your photos.

– With Lipstick and Love x

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